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Oral Maxillofacial Imaging Centre Calgary

OMIC is an Oral Maxillofacial Radiology Private Practice, located in Calgary, Alberta.
OMIC provides state of the art imaging services for the dental community by utilizing the latest, most advanced imaging technology.


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With certified Oral Maxillofacial Radiologist on site, working directly with patients and referring dentists, we provide diagnostic interpretation for all images taken at our office. All images acquired in our office are reviewed and reported for incidental findings.

DICOM files of scans or viewer only, without specific report, can also be requested, with even shorter turnaround time. These scans are still reviewed for incidental findings.

Our CBCT scans are compatible with different dental planning software, such as Co-Diagnostix, Nobelguide, VIP, Simplant and others.

We also provide diagnostic interpretation on images from other sources, including two dimensional radiography, CBCT scans (DICOM files are required as they are imported to the InVivo / Anatomage software for reporting) and MRI examinations for the temporomandibular joints.

OMIC takes pride in providing full spectrum imaging services to our referrals on a professional level.

Every effort is made to make communication with our referring offices prompt and efficient and also to provide patients a pleasant and unique imaging experience, with special attention and time dedicated to every individual patient

Radiology Services

  • Cone Beam CT (NewTom VGi)
  • Digital Panoramic
  • Cephalometric Radiography
  • Intra-oral Radiography 
  • Cephalometric Analyses
  • Radiologic Interpretations by On-site Radiologist

NEWTOM VGi CBCT Scanner for high-performance 3D maxillofacial radiology

  • Revolutionary flat panel X-ray detector technology.
  • Cone beam technology provides accurate results.
  • Its very small focal spot produces very clear and sharp images.
  • The NewTom VGi features an adjustable Field Of View.
  • It has multiple scan modes, with 5 Field Of Views.
  • With exclusive Safe Beam™ technology, the radiation level is set automatically through the evaluation of the patient's anatomical density. 
    For example a small l child will receive up to 40% less radiation than the already very low level for a full-sized adult. 
  • Safe Beam™ technology automatically and continuously monitors system operations eliminating the possibility of incorrect exposures.
Newtom CBCT Scanner


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