Orthodontic Imaging

We work with the Planmeca digital Cephalometric and Panoramic unit. We provide individual radiographs or complex Orthodontic Surveys, including Lateral, P-A Cephalometric and Panoramic views. We provide Chirodontic Surveys, including 45 (degrees sign) SMV views, P-A and Lateral Cephalometric views. We also provide periapical views, Full Mouth Surveys, occlusal views, specialized extra-oral radiographs, such as Submento-vertex views, Towne’s views, etc.

At OMIC we use the QuickCeph Studio for Orthodontic surveys.
Cephalometric Analyses are provided with the Quick Ceph studio, including Ricketts, Steiner, MacNamara, Downs, Jarabak, Roth, Burstone, Surgical, Mahoney, Biodynamic, Sassouni, Jefferson and others.
We can also customize individual Cephalometric Analyses on request.


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